Welcome to Dimension 11011.

Celestial Dragons or 11011 Dragons is an NFT project featuring the one-of-a-kind art by Jon McTavish, a street artist from Toronto. Jon has been pouring his heart and soul and his love of dragons into this project. We are a team of five, collaborating together in this unique NFT world using our diverse skills.

Each dragon has a distinctive backstory that is generated similarly to the NFT artwork. These backstories are about how these dragons acquired their armor, where they are from, and Dimension 11011. 11011 Dragons are aiming to have a vibrant presence on social media and make holders feel like family. By purchasing a dragon, you are granted access to our exclusive community & events, continuous NFT airdrops, and exciting bonuses. Owning a dragon will provide access to real life events, festivals, and parties organized by the project, and voted on by the community. 11011 dragons will be showcased at every NFT/Art event which the community finds meaningful.

This is only the beginning - check out our roadmap, FAQ, and dragons perks to see all the facets of this adventure we are offering.

Dragon Perks

We are always innovating and developing new perks of owning Celestial Dragons.

Please see FAQ to learn more about our token; $DARK. This coin is connected to the project’s treasury, and will be used to mutate your dragon into a Dark Matter dragon.


11011 Dragons with unique artwork. Each dragon also comes with its own unique backstory.


Dragon holders are a part of a community that share the passion for art, freedom of creativity, and desire to share value.


Each holder is welcome to have full ownership and commercial copyright over your NFT. We ♡ derivatives. Please contact the core team to transfer rights.


The future is bright for dragon holders – each holder will receive Dark Matter tokens, just by holding their dragons. See FAQ for more information.


Each planet number represents how many dragons have been minted. A countdown until minting will be livestreamed with a dragon bonfire! Check out Jon's previous bonfires here.

  • 1011

    Dimension 101 enabled

    Dimension 101 consist of 101 rare Dragons; separate from Dimension 11011. Dimension 101 dragons can only be acquired by collecting specified dragons from Dimension 11011. Criteria to complete collections are released.

  • 3033

    Celestial Dragon Jr

    33 kids in need are given laptops so they can invest in celestial dragons. A video will be made showing this charity.

  • 5055

    Celestial Invaders

    A game similar to Space Invaders is released on celestialdragons.io. Players with the top 5 highest scores every week will win 1 ETH every week for 5 weeks.

  • 7077

    Merch Drop & Tattoos

    Both Founders get a Celestial Dragon themed tattoo as first tattoo. This is to symbolize full commitment to the project.

  • 11011

    Dark Matter Enabled

    $DARK Matter, a token, turns your Celestial Dragons into dark matter dragons - a mutated version of your dragon.


What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

NFT stands for non-fungible token which basically means that it is a one of a kind that lives on the blockchain.

To mint, you will need a metamask wallet installed as a google chrome extension https://metamask.io/.

Once installed, you will need to send Ethereum (ETH) to this wallet address from a crypto exchange like Coinbase.

Once you have sent ETH, click on mint at the top of this webpage, click the quantity you’d like and then connect wallet and follow the prompts.

Currently, we are running an invite referral program in discord. Invite 3 people grants you a Pre-sale spot, 5 invites grant you 25% off mint price and 11 invites grants you a free Dragon. These spots are limited! See discord for updated capacity for each tier.

We run plenty of giveaways for free dragons & pre-sale spots. These giveaways are on discord, twitter, and Instagram.

Reveal will be 48 hours after mint.

Twitter and discord will be the most active spaces for this project.

$DARK Tokens are used to redeem your Dark Matter Fragments. $DARK is earned by holding your dragons every week. All Dragons earn the same amount of $DARK Tokens regardless of rarity.

Each dragon earns 1,573 $DARK tokens per day. For example, if you own 5 dragons you will accumulate 7,865 $DARK tokens per day (5 x 1,573).

$DARK Tokens can be claimed on this website

$DARK Tokens can be claimed at anytime, there is no expiration.

Sale of a dragon will trigger an automatic redemption of $DARK tokens to the seller’s wallet. The buyer will start accumulating tokens as of the sale date.

Yes! Keep on accumulating those $DARK tokens. Wealthiest holders on $DARK will have exclusive loyalty perks and access.

Celestial Dragons Contract: TBA

$DARK Token Contract: TBA

Meet the Artist

Jon McTavish

What a WILD ride this project has been! A little over a year into NFT's, I finally got to execute a full generative project, based on a subject that I have spent years creating and re-creating in my artwork…dragons. My art interest has always existed, but solidified when I was nine, painting miniature figurines for Warhammer. My favourite miniatures were always the demons, monsters, and dragons.

The Project Team

Philly Phil

Founder, Head of Operations


Founder, Investor


Head of Creative Writing


Head of Technology